New Zealand Wool


New Zealand, particularly the South Island has astounding amounts of sheep with the ratio of human to sheep being one to sixteen. New Zealand wool is derived from these sheep, which are grown on land unsuitable for agricultural purposes. Since no pesticides are applied on the farms, New Zealand’s wool is one of the world’s most environmental friendly wool.

New Zealand wool is mainly used to manufacture carpets and is considered the best in the world. Since wool exportation is one of New Zealand’s major productions, it has already caused a significant impact in the carpeting industry. So, what makes New Zealand’s wool carpeting attractive?


Long lasting

New Zealand wool is naturally durable and can preserve its shape and appear new for longer. Whether flattened or spread out, these carpets can effortlessly reform and look like new ones after storage. New Zealand wool rugs can last for about twenty years, making them twice durable than others. Since they last longer and are manufactured from a renewable source, New Zealand’s wool carpets are a manly and earthly friendly choice.


Moisture and dust absorbent

New Zealand wool fibers are hollow; therefore, they can grasp and soak up air moisture. They can absorb 30% of their weight in air moisture. It means that when it is cold outside, the New Zealand wool carpets continue to be warm and dry. During the warmer days of the year, they stay cool and dry to the skin.

New Zealand’s wool fiber can handle dust elements until they are vacuumed, and this results in a less dusty home environment. Wool research of New Zealand’s study showed that these carpets could also clean air by soaking up pollutants.

NZ wool


New Zealand wool rugs are remarkably plush and soft to the touch. Some of these carpets have qualities that can lessen static; therefore, it prevents the exasperating shocks that may be in other types of carpets.


Can be custom made

Various companies in the New Zealand’s wool carpeting industry permits one to select from numerous border designs, center designs, patterns, shapes, pile, and colors. Others allow you craft your own design that suits your home décor and feel.


Lanolin effect

Lanolin is a lubricant and moisturizer that is found in raw wool. For centuries, man has attempted to duplicate lanolin in the labs but has failed. New Zealand’s wool lanolin has proven to be nature’s wonder that man has failed to replicate. So, when the children lay upon the wool carpet on the floor to play games and with their toys, the rug is soft and superb to their skin.


Hand-made or machine-woven

New Zealand’s wool carpet can be either machine-woven of hand-tufted. The carpets thickness, quality, and density depend on this factor. Usually, handcrafted carpets are denser and thicker than the machine woven ones.


Final thought

New Zealand has a well-known, reputable tradition of delivering the best wool for comfortable, durable, and luxurious carpets. Therefore, if you are looking to replace or buy a new carpet, New Zealand’s wool carpets are the ideal choice. Contact us Here