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Pressing takes skill
Tectra's wool handling qualifications includes optional units which allow you to specialise in pressing. They combine combine short courses with practical on-the-job experience to ensure trainees have a strong grasp of theory as well as good practical knowledge.

The pressing qualification starts with wool handling level two (introductory) then builds on that knowledge for study of pressing at level three (senior).

By taking on a course of study in pressing you not only register on the NZQA framework, but can also work towards gaining national qualifications and certificates as you go.

The level two course provides a broad skill base of woolshed activities to help you prepare to become a professional wool presser.

It provides an introduction to the skill of wool pressing, covers basic health, fitness and safety information, an introduction to the woolshed routine and language, basic wool pressing skills and issues relating to penning up sheep and managing mob changes.

Level three includes planning the work, managing the flow of sheep and keeping an accurate tally, maintaining the flow of wool from the table or blend stack and the skills to be sure the wool is pressed, clipped, branded and recorded in accordance with industry standards.

It also covers using most types of press and managing the cut out to ensure the last bale is not a part bale.

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