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Shearing training

Learning to shear

In shearing, Tectra prides itself on its ability to teach both machine shearing and blade shearing - and that means if you become good at both you can gain recognised qualifications to shear anywhere in the world.

Our shearing training combines short courses with practical on-the-job experience to ensure trainees have a strong grasp of theory as well as good practical knowledge.

The shearing qualifications are divided into three strands: Machine Shearing (Finewool); Machine Shearing (Crossbred Wool); and Blade Shearing.

Tectra's machine shearing courses cater for everyone from someone who has never picked up a handpiece through to those who have been shearing for years and are looking for that competitive edge.

For learners we have an introductory course, suitable for people who are new to the industry. This course will also register you on the NZQA framework.

From level two onwards, you to work towards gaining a national certificate. By the time you have completed level four, advanced, not only are you shearing more quickly and proficiently, you have also picked up three national certificates along the way.  

Each level combines a short course with on-the-job experience, and each level has a clear goal statement which sets out what you will be able to do on finishing the work for that level.

Machine shearing courses cover shearing skills and technique, buying and looking after your shearing kit, selecting the right comb, looking after your own health and fitness, and working with a team.

The blade shearing courses start at level two (junior) level and build up to expert. They cover the basic skills of blade shearing up to advanced technique, pattern and footwork, preparing and looking after the blades, your own health and fitness, and working as part of a team.

The programmes we offer are in machine shearing and blade shearing:
- Level 2 machine shearing
- Level 3 machine shearing
- Level 4 machine shearing
- Level 2 blade shearing
- Level 3 blade shearing
- Level 4 blade shearing

Course costs differ depending on your government funding eligibility.

To check out the training timetable or to find a course in your area click here.

Interested and want to know more, or want to enrol in a Tectra course then free phone 0800 496 657 or email training@tectra.co.nz