Grower Accreditation Criteria

The Farm Quality Plan is a declaration of the methods you will use to ensure your farm meets – and continues to meet – the standards set down in the Grower Accreditation Criteria.

The Farm Quality Plan helps you to develop and document a management system tailored to your particular property and farming operation while making sure you are meeting all elements of the Criteria.

During on-farm visits, accredited assessors will check how well your Farm Quality Plan meets the Grower Accreditation Criteria.

To become an accredited grower you must meet all the requirements in the Criteria. They are compulsory. You should (but are not required to) follow the recommendations that are also included in the Criteria.

The following pages detail the accreditation criteria.


Section 1: Facilities Required
Section 2: Preventing Contamination
Section 3: Important Procedures
Section 4: Sheep Preparation
Section 5: Standards & Records
Section 6: Staff Requirements
Section 7: Bale Pressing, Identification & Transport
Section 8: Mill Contracts (General)
Section 9: Failure To Meet Accreditation Criteria

The full document Grower Accreditation Criteria and Farm Quality Plan (which includes the questions you have to answer to prepare your Farm Quality Plan) is available for download (930kb) in PDF format.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or a similar application) installed on your computer in order to read this document. You can download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following website This link will take you directly to the software download page. Follow steps one, two and three at the bottom of the page.



Section 1 – Facilities Required