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In the Paddock

In the Paddock's were designed to provide farmers with research findings. 

Please feel free to download those that interest you.

Achieving target pasture covers in time for lambing

Beating Endophytes

Condition Scoring at Flushing Pays Dividends at Lambing

Ewe feeding in early and mid-pregnancy

Ewes need priority feeding after lambing

Facial eczema: an invisible drain on production

Feed budgeting

Feeding weaned lambs for maximum growth rate

Flushing ewes on silage

Management around mating

Managing mid pregnancy shearing

Managing pasture for maximum feed quality

Managing the spring pasture flush

Measurements of pasture clover

Orphan Lambs

Potential benefits from hogget mating but high management requirements

Prepare lambs well and they'll thrive on forage crops

Principles of Pasture Growth

Ram buying tips

Ryegrass endophytes

Seasonal sheep flock management

Shearing crossbreds in mid pregnancy

Silage for the ewes - just what the doctor ordered?

Supplementary feeds for sheep

The late pregnancy countdown

Thistles can be controlled