WoolPro Technical Pages: Wool Markers 






Marker Application methods

The marker is usually applied as the animal passes through the drenching or drafting race.

For scanning, however, the applicator is held much closer to the wool, allowing greater penetration and saturation. While approved markers are tested for "scourability", neither the existing test nor the marker formulations envisaged this sort of use.

To find out whether contamination is the result of product performance or farmer use, WoolPro is monitoring the everyday on-farm use of approved markers and working with others in the industry. Until this work is completed, farmers should use as little marker as possible, avoid deep penetration and intense marking of the fleece. They should also ensure that woolhandlers remove contaminated wool from the clip.


Key points

Growers can reduce their use of markers and the chance of contamination by forward planning and keeping in mind a few key points:


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