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Information Services

Making information available and relevant to primary sector people and organisations across New Zealand.

Tectra's information service group specialises in the transfer of technology and knowledge to the primary sector industries, organisations and people.

Traditionally known as 'extension' experts, Tectra's information services group provides a key link for any organisation wishing to operate within and across New Zealand's primary sector. 

Our highly qualified and experienced team is regionally located throughout New Zealand, and has expertise critical to the success of national and local initiatives including:

  • Technology transfer - packaging research outputs in a context relevant to farm production systems thereby ensuring adoption and an economic return on investment
  • Environmental management expertise - soils, pasture, animal health and pesticide residue management
  • Quality assurance systems - the development and management of QA programmes which manage market risk and improve farm management practices
  • Project management - regionally located expertise allows national projects to have regional/local relevance
  • Partnering - our team has diverse regional contacts ranging from individual partners through national organisations active in the primary sector
  • Information aligned to education and training - our extensive delivery of education and training programmes means we have hands-on experience at helping people and organisations develop the necessary skills and capability to use emerging technologies effectively
  • Facilitation - we bring together disparate groups to provide unique solutions for shared problems.