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Don’t forget the lime!

Wednesday, 22 December 2004
Nitrogen is a big issue in farming at present. Tectra's Lynne Moore has some valuable information and research on the topic that may assist on farm.

Lynne Moore Regional Manager

Nitrogen use on hill country pastures has attracted a huge amount of interest recently. A common concern among farmers is the idea that nitrogen will acidify and destroy soil. In fact it is not the nitrogen fertiliser that is doing the acidifying, but the increase in growth rate of the pasture and the faster nutrient cycling rates as a result of improvements in soil health. This extra acidity is easily neutralized by the addition of a bit more lime.

Tectra’s Regional Training Manager, Lynne Moore, explains the process of soil acidification and how lime can be used to fix a low soil pH as well as the best ways to administer it for a noticeable improvement.

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