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Chinese learn from Tectra expertise

Thursday, 3 February 2005
Tectra's Laurie Boniface, Manager Industry Studies, recently organised a two day introduction to New Zealand wool and its characteristics for a Chinese carpet delegation. The programme was hands-on and included spending time in a woolshed, a first for many.

In the past few years different Chinese industry groups have visited New Zealand to get exposure to our wool industry and learn about wool quality and how that is achieved.

This Chinese delegation was made up of  management level representatives and carpet designers so the hands-on programme Tectra put together was  a new and unique experience for all delegates.

Laurie working with a fleece

Laurie believes interaction with the Chinese wool industry groups is a great way to promote the New Zealand wool industry in China, which is now our largest wool market. It also provides all involved with an opportunity to build relationships and contacts, which are important in the wool industry. 

"We need to work hard to 'fly the flag', ensuring  delegates have a positive experience here and take what they have learnt back to China and endorse New Zealand wool," says Laurie.

Delegates spent their first day at Massey University learning about New Zealand sheep breeds and wool characteristics. In particular, Laurie focussed on the wool typing system with reference to the carpet industry and also included some hands-on exercises to demonstrate the theory.

On the second day the delegates were treated to a real woolshed experience, with shearing and wool handling demonstrations with Tectra's Business Development Manager Peter Taylor, who has a background in shearing.

For many group members, who were  predominantly from Beijing and Shanghai, it was their first time on a farm. Some of the keener delegates tried their hand at shearing and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get some real woolshed action.

Peter provides a shearing demonstration

"Overall the visit was a great success and the delegates were truly impressed by what they learnt and saw," says Laurie.

Tectra looks forward to continuing its relationship with future Chinese delegations.