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Tectra Trainer Smashes World Shearing Record!

Monday, 17 January 2005
Part-time Tectra trainer Darin Forde was part of a team of six Southland men who smashed a 14 year old world lamb shearing record at Wairiki Station last week.

Darin and the team head towards their 4188th shorn lamb!

Darin and the team not only broke the record but set a huge challenge for any future contenders, beating the old record of 3291 lambs in 12 hours by 897! The other team members were Paul Rutherford, Alton Devery, Jimmy Clarke, Darryn Gutsell and Craig Anderson.

The team had an early start with the shearing kicking off at 5am and were joined by over 1000 fans throughout the day. The achievement is even more exceptional given that the wool quality was wetter, dirtier and heavier than the team had hoped but even this did not dampen their spirits as they charged towards their record of 4188 shorn lambs.

This title was not Darin's first record-breaking performance. He currently holds the crossbred ewe shearing record and the single stand, nine hour ewe shearing record both set in 1997 at Wairaki Station.

In preparation for the challenge Darin hit the gym four or five days a week and modified his diet to get him physically prepared. He also travelled to the North Island to get extended shed time and lamb shearing work as practice.

Congratulations to Darin and the team. A great job.