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Courses aimed at getting young people into the shearing industry

Monday, 22 November 2004
New courses aimed at attracting youth into the shearing industry kick off later this week and will run through December and January next year.

Tectra's Manager Wool Harvesting Training Gavin Rowland says all sectors recognise that young people are the future of any industry and with the breadth of activities and career options available you need to get their attention and make them want to have a go.

Tectra recently saw an opportunity to look at putting shearing and wool handling on the radar screen of young people. It analysed the courses it offered and realised that there were no 'beginners" courses available. Combine this with fact that young people are looking for something to do over the holiday period and the " opportunity" appeared. The result has been the development of a three-day crutching/dagging course and a two-day beginners wool handling course.

Gavin says that between December and February every year crutching and dagging of lambs and ewes is a priority and shearing contractors are often looking for workers.

Costs for trainees have been kept to a minimum, $20 for the wool handling course and $30 for the crutching/dagging course. All equipment is provided and courses are being run at a regional level.

Gavin says that the introduction of the courses has been designed to coincide with the holidays for a number of reasons.

"During holidays young people are often at a loose end. They want things to do and are often  looking to make some money. Armed with the skills these courses provide trainees should be in a good position to find work."

Tectra believe they are on to a win-win situation. Young people get to try experience something different.  Tectra gets the chance to tell young trainees about the career options that exist in the shearing industry.

Interested and want to know more then contact your local Regional Training Coordinator or call 0800 496 657.