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So who is this WoolPro crowd then?

WoolPro is a member of the New Zealand Wool Group.  You should already know us because we've been around for a while as the grower services arm of Wools of New Zealand.   But this is more than a name change.  We're serious about improving returns to sheep farmers.  We have to be.  With so many factors affecting the price of wool we must find every possible way to improve wool quality, sheep production and efficiency on the farm, to make the wool business more profitable.




How will WoolPro make the wool business more profitable?

Wool harvesting training

New Zealand shearers and woolhandlers are the best in the world.  Each year we train nearly 2,000 people, from learners to professionals.  In future WoolPro will be taking these programmes to even higher levels.


The Fernmark Quality Programme

Quality is not an option.  It is vital for the survival of the wool industry.  The Fernmark Quality Programme is the only programme in the world that assures quality throughout the wool production and supply pipeline.  This commitment to quality will produce the benefits in returns and efficiency that we are all striving for.  We are promoting the Fernmark Quality Programme as the international standard for wool supply.


Research and development information

WoolPro is responsible for funding new wool production technologies and ensuring that wool growers have access to this information.

WoolPro's job is to provide growers with the best technology information to make sheep and wool production more profitable.   This involves more than wool research though.  It's also about fining up the clip and improving other farm activities, such as pasture management, that have an impact on wool.

We'll be managing research and development to meet grower and market needs, and getting more of this information to growers.  We will still be involved with field days, discussion groups and on-farm information videos.

WoolPro and Meat New Zealand will continue to operate monitor farms throughout New Zealand.  These farms put into practice the best farming techniques that can be used by all farmers to improve productivity.  The FITT scheme, which offers much needed support for farm innovation projects, will also continue.


Reducing chemical residues in wool

Chemical residues are a problem for New Zealand wool in international markets.  We have all made major progress in reducing residue levels but there is still more work to be done.  WoolPro has the solutions.  We'll be working to get these solutions onto the farm.


Market information

WoolPro provides the sale price and market information that growers and others in the industry need.  This is the only source of objective information to help growers know what their wool is worth when making important farm decisions.  We'll be extending these services.


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WoolPro is a part of the New Zealand Wool Group

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