Sheep and Beef Farm Survey:  Per Farm Data
1 This worksheet has a number of "tabs" (at the bottom of the page) with each tab containing data from
one region within the Survey.  The tab names and their associated regions are:
NZ New Zealand
NI North Island
SI South Island
N1 Northland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty
N2 East Coast North Island
N3 Taranaki-Manawatu
S1 Marlborough-Canterbury (including Nelson & West Coast)
S2 Otago-Southland
2 Eight farm types are defined within the Survey.  The results shown here is the "All Classes" result, which
is derived by weighting the results of the individual farm classes [see note 3] within the region in the
 proportions that they occur within the region.  The "All Classes" result does not represent any one farm,
but is a useful representation of the entire region.
3 Footnote:  Individual Farm Classes referred to in note 2 above comprise
North Island
3 North Island Hard Hill Country
4 North Island Hill Country
5 North Island Intensive Finishing
South Island
1 South Island High Country
2 South Island Hill Country
6 South Island Finishing Breeding
7 South Island Intensive Finishing
8 South Island Mixed Finishing
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