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Farmer Initiated Technology and Transfer (FITT) Programme

Reproductive Efficiency

Project Name

Project Objectives

Establishing a population of naturally twinning beef cows (PDF 66 Kb) (an Excel spreadsheet (45 Kb) is also available)

To conduct a feasibility study of the importation of semen & embryos from the MARC Twinning herd. To prepare a cost benefit analysis of the importation by constructing spread sheets to factor in variables for success of initial ET, differing farming environments & on farm performance. To prepare a management report based on the current management of the MARC herd following a visit to the Clay centre observing a calving period & genetic selection procedures.

Ewe wastage in high performing flocks
(00FT77) No Report Yet

To monitor feeding levels, body weight, condition score and metabolic profiles of high performing ewes in order to develop management techniques to assist in reducing ewe losses in late pregnancy.

The analysis of a ewe scanning database to identify reproductive efficiency indicators
(99FT59 (completed) hard copy from Meat NZ / Meat & Wool Innovation)

To analyse an existing database of farm management and ewe pregnancy scanning information in order to identify factors that have significant influence on scanning and docking percentages. Also to run a series of field days to provide farmers with information on improving reproductive efficiency in sheep.

The development of best management practices for hogget lambing (PDF 28 Kb)

To investigate a wide range of hogget mating and lambing practices, thereby identifying critical management practices that need special attention to ensure successful hogget mating/lambing. Also, to develop a best management practice handbook for use in the wider industry.

Improving reproductive efficiency in mid-Otago sheep flocks (PDF 33 Kb)

To quantify the main causes of lamb losses on five mid-Otago farms during the 1999 lambing season. Also, to run a field day to improve farmers' knowledge on how to improve reproductive efficiency.

The effect of ewe shearing on reproductive performance
(PDF 65KB) (99FT49)

To investigate the effect of pre-lamb/mid-pregnancy shearing on ewe losses, lamb survival and growth rate, ewe wool production and wool processing characteristics in crossbred, Corriedale and Merino sheep.

The interaction between zinc and zearalanone induced ewe infertility (PDF 17 Kb)

To establish whether zinc has a role in protecting twotooth ewes from the effects of ingesting the fungal toxin zearalanone during the mating period.

The prevention of zearalanone-induced ewe infertility (PDF 820 Kb)

To investigate the effectiveness of a number of products and grazing management strategies in reducing the fertility-depressing effects of the fungal toxin zearalanone.

The management of ewe mating for reliable and profitable early lamb production (PDF 13 Kb)

To investigate the effect of PMSG dose rate on early lambing percentage (April/May), and to assess the extent of sympathetic heat induction in non-treated ewes run with ewes treated with PMSG.

The effect of ewe iodine supplementation on perinatal lamb mortality (PDF 32 Kb)

To investigate whether supplementing ewes with iodine decreases the perinatal lamb mortality rate, and to accurately record all causes of ewe and lamb death from scanning to docking.

Reducing the number of dry twotooth ewes (PDF 17 Kb)

To identify factors associated with the high number of non-pregnant twotooth ewes in the coastal area running from Riverton to Orepuke and Tuatapere.

Reducing the number of dry twotooth ewes
(PDF 95KB) (97FT09)

To Identify factors associated with the Southland region's high number of non-pregnant twotooth ewes. Also, to develop a best practice guide, based on the group's findings, for use in the wider sheep industry.

The effect of pre-lamb iodine supplementation on lamb losses and weaning weights (PDF 24 Kb)

To Investigate the impact of pre-lamb iodine supplementation of ewes on ewe survival, neonatal lamb losses and lamb weaning weights.

Triplet lamb survival
(PDF 628KB) (00FT76)

An improvement in triplet lamb survival may be possible if ewe condition and feeding are managed appropriately up to lambing to reduce ewe serum betahydroxybutyrate levels.


(A FITT Funded Project)
(347KB) (99FT59)

Jeff Sewell, scan operator from Malborough has collected a large set of records in the form of a database from his sheep farmer clients in Malborough and Nelson.

For further information please contact:

Rebecca Withers
Meat & Wool Innovation Ltd, Wellington
phone 04 471 6032
e-mail rebecca.withers@mwi.co.nz




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