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‘Corrie Downs’, Malcolm and Miriam Taylor

Location: Ward.

Farm size & type: 500 ha. Sheep, beef and dairy grazing.

Topography: Runs from river terraces to low hill country.

Rainfall: 650 mm/yr.

Climate: Very windy with high evaporation. Rainfall is unreliable and there is usually a drought every five years.

Soil type: Dashwood stony loam and Templeton silt loam.

Fertiliser regime: At least 250 kg/ha of phosphate with strategic use of nitrogen and lime.

Soil fertility
Plot pH Ca P K S(SO4) OS Mg Na
(a) 4-yr ryegrass, short rotation 5.7 8 15 15 8 5 33 7
(b) 12-yr cocksfoot/tall fescue 6.9 8 26 19 8 5 19 6

Stock numbers: 70% sheep and 30% cattle.

Carrying capacity: n/a.

Plot descriptions: (a) 4-yr ryegrass, short rotation. (b) 12-yr cocksfoot/tall fescue.

Detailed description: (a) High performance, short rotation ryegrass paddock with good clover on Templeton silt loam. (b) Old cocksfoot and tall fescue paddock on Dashwood stony loam.

Farmer's comments: "I'm interested in monitoring and I have a thirst for knowledge, in terms of increasing my on-farm expertise. I have been doing my own monitoring of soil temperatures and with the sward stick to assist in feed budgeting. I've helped in writing a Sheep Council booklet on Feed Planning. But this monitoring is very comprehensive and gives us a good overview of where we sit with the rest of the country." (Malcolm Taylor)

Results published: Nelson/Marlborough Farming

Local Meat & Wool Innovation contact: Alan Marshall, tel 03-325 6911, cell 025-329 399, alan.marshall@mwi.co.nz

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