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Geoff & Noelene Brown

Location: Whakamaru, Mangakino.

Farm size: 210 ha (effective).

Topography: Easy to rolling.

Rainfall: 1,500 mm/yr.

Soil type: Free-draining pumice. Tend to be summer dry.

Fertiliser regime: Balance mixes, generally 500 kg/ha of pasturemag pumice/yr.

Soil fertility
Plot pH Ca P K S(SO4) OS Mg Na

Stock numbers: 1,250 ewes, 400 hoggets, 120 breeding cows, 20 rising 2-year heifers.

Carrying capacity: n/a.

Plot descriptions: 4-yr old fescue/coxfoot mix, 1-yr old ryegrass.

Detailed description: Both relatively young pastures. The Browns' also grow winter forage crops and have a pasture renewal programme.

Farmer's comments: "We were previously a Bay of Plenty monitor farm and this is another step towards better profitability for our farming operation. It will provide an ongoing record of each paddock and focus on what is actually happening to the particular grass type in the paddock. It also will give us a better understanding of growth failure and an appreciation of feed quality." (Geoff Brown)

Results published: Coast and Country, middle of each month.

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