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9 September 1998

Press Release
Daily And Farm Media

New Wool Quality Brand

Exporters with operations which cover every step in the value chain from farm gate to overseas mill can now apply for a special “Wool-link” Fernmark Quality Programme brand.

Until now, FQP-accredited companies have had to apply for separate brands for each aspect of their operation – such as “merchant”, “broker”, “scourer” or “exporter”.

Fernmark Quality Programme manager Kelvin Whall says the new category is designed to make it simpler for vertically-integrated companies to promote themselves to their customers.

“This will not be regarded as a premier level or in any way superior to existing Fernmark Quality Programme exporter status,” he said.

“We remain committed to working with smaller niche suppliers as well as larger operations which may fit the ‘Wool-Link’ concept.”

Mr Whall said he did not know how many exporters would want the “Wool-link” brand, but he expected some of the larger merchant scourers and brokers could be eligible.

“During the next few months the WoolPro Fernmark Quality team will be stepping up the promotion of Fernmark quality-assured deliveries in association with Wools of New Zealand and FQP-accredited exporters,” he said.

“Until now, the Fernmark Quality Programme has been driven from New Zealand. To make it credible, we had to get it operating throughout the industry before we would promote it strongly off-shore.

“We have now reached the point where if Fernmark brand partners specify Fernmark-QA deliveries, FQP exporters will be able to deliver.

“Ultimately, we want wool users around the world specifying Fernmark-QA deliveries ahead of non-QA wools from other suppliers.

“If this happens, the Fernmark premium we are already seeing in the marketplace can be expected to grow.”



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