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17 August 2003

Lambing Percentage confirmed

Just released Statistics New Zealand census information on lambs tailed confirms the MWI Economic Service lamb crop survey lambing percentage figure of 119.2 per cent. The Economic Service lamb survey result was released back in November 2001.

Rob Davison, MWI Economic Service’s Executive Director says that lambs tailed data released relates to lambs born in the Spring of 2001.

While a comparison between the 1994 census and the 2002 census of livestock shows an 11 per cent decline in the number of lambs tailed this fact hides the significant productivity gains that have occurred within the sheep flock.

“Though the number of lambs born decreased 11 per cent, total lamb production on a weight basis from 1993-94 to 2001-02 actually increased 4.5 per cent”, he says.

“Over the past eight years there have been significant increases to both lamb weights and lambing percentages.

“Lamb weights have increased from 15.4 to 16.9 kilograms (+10%) and lambing percentages were up from 102.4 per cent to 119.2 per cent allowing a higher yield of lambs for export production.”


For more information, contact Meat and Wool Innovation - Economic Service:

Rob Davison Executive Director 04 471 6034
Brian Speirs Chief Economist 04 471 6035


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