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Mark of quality gives competitive edge

Where does one of the biggest spinning and dyeing companies in the world look when it wants to quality assure its output? New Zealand’s Fernmark Gold.

Neirynck Holvoet, of Belgium, is big on quality. They have to be to produce woollen carpets in an environment where polypropylene manufacturers produce at lower price, albeit at the expense of the unique feel of wool.

Neirynck Holvoet yarns are quality-guaranteed, and to achieve this, they need quality-assured supply. Fernmark Gold is the key -- they’ve just received their first crossbred consignment shipped under the system where everyone involved from the sheep to the ship is Fernmark Quality Programme accredited. This means quality-assurance at every stage of production.

Neirynck Holvoet director Lionel Clarissimo says the move to Fernmark Gold keeps their name at the top when it comes to quality wool products.

“We are known in Belgium for our very high standards. We want to produce the best wool in the market, and to do this people must deliver us the best quality. We have to start with high quality wool before we can make high quality yarns,” he says.

Previously the company tested all imported wool to check if it was the same as it was labeled. Clarissimo says if the quality is maintained at a consistently high level under Fernmark Gold, testing might not need to be done anymore.

“Colour and length are most important, and if they can keep to these standards we would be prepared to pay a premium for this wool.”

Meat & Wool Innovation quality manager Kelvin Whall says he’s received good feedback about the shipment from the company.

“They were impressed with the high quality of the product. The detailed records which go with the wool show them the care and standards that have been a part of this shipment.”

The wool for the shipment was sourced from FQP farms in Hawkes Bay by FQP broker Williams & Kettle. They were supplying FQP exporter A Dewavrin Fils, who contracted the scouring to Seaview Wools, which is also FQP-accredited.


[photo caption]

Lionel Clarissimo, managing director of Neirynck Holvoet


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