Potential benefits from hogget mating but high management requirements

 Key Points

  • Hogget mating has high management requirements. It should be attempted only if these requirements can be met
  • Ewes that lambed as hoggets have improved lambing performance as 2-tooths and for the rest of their lives
  • Breed and/or strain of sheep has a significant impact
  • Hoggets should be mated at around 40 kg at a condition score of 3 or better, using 2 rams per 100 hoggets
  • Good growth rates after weaning are essential in order to achieve these targets
  • Vaccinate hoggets for toxoplasmosis and campylobacter before joining teasers or entire rams
  • Aim for growth rates of 80–100 g/day from mating until mid-pregnancy and for a target weight of about 52 kg at lambing.
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