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WOOLPRO Bledisloe Bulletin

No. 2 September 2000

The following was sent out as the second in a series of e-letters from WoolPro.
It is sent free to all growers who ask to be on the mailing list, and all grower sellers registered on Woolnet.

In the September 2000 bulletin:

1. Woolnet takes off: more wool please!

2. Too busy? Don’t have a computer?

3. Tried fixed price yet?

4. Monitor Farm field days coming up

5. Keep up with auction prices

6. Feedback please


1. Woolnet takes off: more wool please!

Sales on Woolnet in the last month have really taken off and growers are strongly urged to list wool on the system.

WoolPro managing director Lance Wiggins says August 2000 was Woolnet’s first $1 million month – an important milestone.

"Most well-prepared lines of sought-after wools are now selling within 48 hours of listing, with net returns at least as good as auction. With more buyers coming on board, we need to have good quantities of wool on offer for them."

Lance says it’s not unusual for lots to get up to 10 offers before a sale is made.


2. Too busy? Don’t have a computer?

With Woolnet it’s your choice whether you get an Agent to sell on your behalf, or whether you do it yourself from your home computer. Either way, you need a Service Provider to weigh, core and grab sample your wool.

Ring David Webster or Lara Russell at Freephone 0800 4 WOOLNET (0800 496 656). They will put you in contact with someone local who can discuss how Woolnet can help you better market your wool. Click here to visit the Woolnet site.


3. Tried fixed price yet?

The fixed price selling option has now been running on Woolnet for a month.

When selling on Woolnet you now have three options: Negotiated price, fixed price (open) and fixed price (hidden).

Fixed price gives certainty to buyer and seller. The first buyer to meet or exceed your reserve gets the lot, without having to send e-mails to you. When you’re selling, it saves time and hassle when you’re also busy on the farm.

A number of sellers have tried the fixed price (hidden reserve), with mixed success. One grower was pleasantly surprised to get 15 cents above their reserve this way.

On the other hand, buyers are busy people and if they are making offers on several lots, they might not make you a second offer.

For example, in one case a buyer made three offers against one lot but was still 30 cents short. As soon as the seller revealed his price, another buyer came in and gave him what he was asking for!

We are encouraging growers to go for the open fixed price, so long as the wool has been properly appraised and valued first.


4. Monitor Farm field days coming up

In October there are WoolPro/Meat NZ Monitor Farm field days in Mid-Canterbury, North Canterbury and Taranaki. Note the dates in your diary. Details will be advertised in local papers.

October 19: Mid-Canterbury, Banks Peninsula

October 25: North Canterbury, Cheviot

October 25: Taranaki


5. Keep up with auction prices

If the local paper no longer publishes auction prices, don’t forget you can get them direct (and in more detail) from WoolPro.

We dispatch reports after each sale by email (preferably) or by fax. Alternatively you can look at the Auction Prices page on the WoolPro site, or on the Prices and Yield page on www.woolnet.co.nz

If you want to get regular auction price reports, ring us at 0800 4 WOOLPRO (0800 496 657) or send us an email to info@woolpro.co.nz with ‘Auction Sale Reports’ in the subject line. This service is free to levy payers. Make sure you give us your name, farm name and phone number so we can check we have your details recorded correctly.


6. Comments welcome

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Bledisloe Bulletin, or any aspect of WoolPro or Woolnet activities please let us know. Also, story ideas for Wool Grower magazine or No 8 Wired Television are always welcome.

If you would like to get on our email list, send us an email with ‘Bledisloe Please’ in the subject line. Please include your name, farm name and address and phone number.

Thank you for your interest.


The WoolPro team

Wool Production Technology Ltd
Freephone: 0800 4 WOOLPRO (0800 496 657)
Fax: 03-348 4026
Email: info@woolpro.co.nz

The August 2000 Bulletin is available with a click here.


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