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WoolPro media releases for 1998

Beating the bale weight blues
26 November 1998 – Overweight wool bales are a pain in the neck – more precisely the back – for wool scourers, brokers, dump stores and exporters.

New Wool Quality Brand
9 September 1998 – Exporters with operations which cover every step in the value chain from farm gate to overseas mill can now apply for a special "Wool-link" Fernmark Quality Programme brand.

Sheep markers threaten export sales
4 September 1998 – Farmers who sell wool branded with marker dyes risk being black-listed by wool buyers.

Check dip diary to avoid residues
9 July 1998 – Shearing contractors should insist on seeing the grower’s dip diary before starting work, to ensure shearer safety.

Flies in the face of market demand
27 April 1999 – The clock is ticking for farmers who use plunge and shower dips to protect their sheep from flystrike during summer and autumn. (Article in Canterbury Farming Focus Dip Residue Feature.)

Farmers warned off Australian wool packs
21 January 1999 – WoolPro and exporters are asking farmers not to use Australian polyethylene wool packs.

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