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WoolPro media releases for 2001

New wasp in fight against clover root weevil
19 December 2001 – A new variety of wasp, introduced from Europe, could provide a solution to farmers’ problems with the clover root weevil.

Good keen young wool workers hit Southland
30 November 2001 – The wool industry’s hands-on training programme for young people – the Modern Apprenticeships Scheme – is working to attract good, keen young people into the wool industry.

WoolPro moves to varsity
29 November 2001 – WoolPro, one of the country’s largest funders of sheep research, has joined forces with Lincoln and Massey Universities.

B12 deficient … or not?
2 November 2001 – If you’re treating slow-growing lambs with vitamin B12, you may be pouring good money after bad.

Variety gives boost to lamb growth
17 August 2001 – Ever eaten Weetbix for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Maybe lambs face a similar dilemma when they get the same paddock of grass served up three times a day.

Lousy Merino flocks needed for trial
16 August 2001 – Several Merino flocks are needed to help trial new methods for controlling lice.

New sheep louse test
8 August 2001 – An early warning lice detector test, which will make checking for lice more accurate and save farmers money, is just around the corner.

Days numbered for clover root weevil
8 August 2001 – Researchers are near to hitting paydirt for North Island farmers plagued with clover root weevil.

'Micron madness' makes messy wool lots
6 July 2001 – ‘Micron madness’ on some farms is stopping fine wool being prepared properly and is costing farmers money, says the industry’s wool quality watchdog.

WoolPro joins forces with Massey and Lincoln
7 June 2001 – WoolPro has joined forces with Massey and Lincoln Universities in a drive to maximise technology development and uptake in the sheep industry.

WoolPro signs up top local shearers as instructors
28 May 2001 – WoolPro has added four new part-time shearing instructors to help out the full-time instructors in their areas, including two top shearers from Southland and Otago.

WoolPro adds top shearers to instructors’ team
28 May 2001 – WoolPro has added four new part-time shearing instructors to help out the full-time instructors in their areas.

New WoolPro from July – Giving sheep farmers more of a competitive edge
16 May 2001 – From July 1, WoolPro – the company set up by the Wool Board in 1998 to fund technology development and training for wool growers – will have a new mission.

Wool exports hold
15 May 2001 – Wool exports are holding their value despite major currency movements in the last 12 months, according to figures released by WoolPro.

New shearers and wool handlers hit sheds
10 May 2001 – The wool industry’s ‘hands-on’ training programme for young people – the Modern Apprenticeships scheme – is going strong in Marlborough.

Wool identity to retire
9 May 2001 – WoolPro managing director and industry identity Lance Wiggins will retire on 30 June.

Six-legged critter control
1 May 2001 – WoolPro has republished the popular booklet Fly and Lice, Numbering Their Days.

First full QA wool delivery for China
9 April 2001 – A five tonne trial wool shipment currently on its way to China is believed to be the first fully quality assured consignment sent to that market.

Quality assurance lifts wool value
9 April 2001 – Fernmark Quality Programme wools are generally better quality than non-FQP wools and, more often than not, this means better prices.

Big dry poses prickly problem
13 March 2001 – Thistles are rearing their ugly heads again in drought-affected central New Zealand.

Three steps closer to drench-free sheep
13 March 2001 – They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but farmer-funded research shows that farmers may soon be reducing their reliance on chemical drenches, while increasing their profits.

Wool industry at forefront of Modern Apprenticeship scheme
23 February 2001 – The first shearing and wool handling apprentices trained under the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme are now working in the sheds.

Shearing trainers to cover country
7 February 2001 – WoolPro has just signed up two new full-time shearing instructors – one on the North Island’s East Coast and one in South Otago – with the aim of making shearing training accessible to all.

More muddy boots help for Southland
7 February 2001 – WoolPro has a new pair of workboots on the ground in Southland, with former farm consultant Aaron Meikle taking up the reins on its extension team.

Advanced shearing courses now run regionally
3 February 2001 – WoolPro is making it easier for shearers to do advanced courses closer to home.

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