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Beware the black fibre
27 March 2002 – Farmers should take care when selecting replacement ewes for their flocks not to increase the incidence of black fibre in their wool clips, say wool exporters and WoolPro.

Premiums for quality-assured Drysdale wool in the US
12 March 2002 – United States mills will pay premium prices for quality-assured Drysdale wool, according to WoolPro and wool exporter H Dawson Wool NZ Ltd.

Employer sold on Modern Apprenticeships
28 January 2002 – Hastings-based shearing contractor, Kerry Brannigan, is one employer who is sold on the Modern Apprenticeships scheme.

From Dannevirke to Goose Green on a wool handler’s ticket
28 January 2002 – Lawrence farmer Sarah McTavish believes people skills are the most valuable thing she got from her time as a wool handler.

New wasp in fight against clover root weevil
25 January 2002 – Finding the right strain of a tiny wasp will be the key to solving farmers’ problems with the clover root weevil, say researchers.