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Grower Accreditation Criteria

Section 5: Standards & Records

5.1 Code of Practice Standards


All wool preparation must be carried out according to the New Zealand Wool Industry Code of Practice for Clip Preparation. This Code has been approved by all industry sectors and lays down the minimum standards of wool preparation in New Zealand.

The Code must be available in the woolshed. A copy of the Code is included in the Reference section of the Grower Manual.

Any special clip preparation requirements determined by either the classer or grower must meet or exceed the minimum standards. These special requirements must be discussed with the wool preparation staff and displayed on the notice board.

5.2 Farm Records & Documentation

5.2.1 Details from Previous Shearings


Information about wools sent for sale during the current and previous season must be collated before shearing, as they usually form the basis for wool preparation decisions. These records might include ...

  • Reports from the selling agent or buyer
  • Test results
  • Line descriptions

Appropriate information must be made available to the classer and wool handlers as required by the Farm Quality Plan.

5.2.2 Details of Classes and Number of Sheep to be Shorn


Details of the classes of sheep to be shorn, the number of sheep in each mob and the mob order must be displayed on the notice board. This information is needed for wool preparation and pressing decisions.

5.2.3 Grower Checklist


The grower, the person in charge of wool preparation and the accredited shearing contractor (if employed) must complete and sign their section of the Checklist. A copy must be forwarded to the broker or wool merchant with the specifications.

The Checklists must be retained by each party for three years.

Grower Checklist pads are available from Meat & Wool Innovation offices, accredited wool brokers and accredited wool merchants.

Section 6 – Staff Requirements


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