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Grower Accreditation Criteria

Section 8: Mill Contracts (General)

8.1 Variations to Normal Criteria


An accredited grower may enter a contract supply arrangement with a yarn spinner or topmaker with specifications which differ from the Grower Accreditation Criteria. This wool may be prepared and supplied in accordance with the contract arrangements, but adequate contract documentation must be available to satisfy the programme assessors.

An accredited grower who has entered into such a contract supply arrangement, must explain in their Farm Quality Plan how they will ensure that wool not supplied under the contract is prepared according to the Grower Accreditation Criteria.

Wool prepared to the contract specifications, which is subsequently not supplied to the contract, cannot be sold as accredited wool.

Section 9: Failure To Meet Accreditation Criteria

9.1 Non-Complying Clips

If a grower fails to comply with elements of the Grower Accreditation Criteria, the resulting line(s) of wool may also fail to comply with accreditation standards. The response actions that must be taken when the wool is sold range from including the wool in the accredited offering with the fault noted, to the grower's accreditation status being reviewed. The Reference section of the Manual details these responses.


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