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Quality assurance from sheep to ship

"It’s not enough anymore to merely satisfy the customer; customers must be 'delighted' – surprised by having their needs not just met, but exceeded."
A. Blanton Godfrey, At the Cutting Edge of Quality, 1993.

For processors to be certain of the quality of the wool they are buying they should make sure it goes through the Fernmark Quality Programme at every step of the way.

Fernmark Gold is designed for processors requiring deliveries at the pinnacle of quality assurance. It should always be specified for the manufacture of quality critical textiles, garments and carpets.

Wool for Fernmark Gold deliveries is sourced entirely through the Fernmark Quality Programme network from farm to exporter; its integrity is verified and vouched for at each step in the journey.

Fernmark Gold can only be sourced from New Zealand Fernmark Quality Programme accredited exporters. It is targeted at early stage processors and isn't used with downstream products.

It is not a fibre guarantee but early stage processors can be confident that the wool has gone through a quality assurance system at every step.

Fernmark Gold wool is:

  • True to description
  • Supported by certified objective measurement
  • Suitable for the purpose for which it is purchased
  • Prepared to eliminate contamination from other fibres
  • Prepared to ensure even and consistent lines for maximum processing performance
  • Produced in a farming system that protects the environment and safeguards animal welfare
  • Free of excessive chemical residues

Fernmark Gold deliveries are accompanied by:

Objective measurements – A complete and fully certified package of objective measurements

Traceback Documentation – All wools that make up the delivery can be traced through each step back to their farms of origin.

This initiative was launched during the 1998/99 season and is now being promoted by Wools of New Zealand, Merino New Zealand and FQP-accredited exporters to brand partners and customers worldwide.

The first Fernmark Gold shipment was a consignment of crossbred Hawkes Bay wool sent to Neirynck Holvoet, a large carpet yarn spinner in Belgium.

To qualify, everyone involved from the sheep to the ship was accredited to the Fernmark Quality Programme. The wool was sourced from FQP farms in Hawkes Bay by FQP broker Williams & Kettle Ltd. They were supplying FQP exporter A Dewavrin Fils, which contracted the scouring of the consignment to Seaview Wools, which is also FQP accredited. (See media release issued at the time and a story that appeared in 'Quality First' newsletter.)

Early in 2001, the exporter H Dawson Sons and Co sent the first Fernmark Gold shipment to China, bound for the QiFa Textile Group in Hebei, which used the wool for premium hand knitting yarn. (See story in Wool Grower – Winter 2001.)


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