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Wool Quality Needs

"Commit yourself to quality from day one. Concentrate on each task, whether trivial or crucial, as if it’s the only thing that matters (it usually is)." McCormack, What They Still Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School, 1989.

In today’s competitive textile industry, processors need confidence that wool deliveries will meet their process and product requirements.

Fernmark Quality Programme wools are produced, packed and supplied in a system designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding markets. These wools meet not only the technical quality needs of manufacturers but also the product performance and ethical concerns of consumers.

Wool processors and traders can buy New Zealand Fernmark Quality wools confident that every delivery will meet or exceed their expectations, especially if it goes through the quality programme at every step.

World wool quality leader

The Fernmark Quality Programme (FQP) is the world's first fully integrated wool industry quality assurance programme. Standards are market driven and are constantly being revised upward.

Based on internationally recognised ISO certification, the FQP sets and monitors quality standards from the farm to the mill or, in the case of export wool, to the ship's side.

The programme is focused on maintaining New Zealand wool at the top end of the market in terms of meeting buyer expectations. It assures buyers that wool is true to label and substantially free of contaminants. In other words, it's fit for the purpose for which it is purchased.

FQP was launched in 1996 and is now managed and promoted by MWI on behalf of the New Zealand wool industry. MWI's ISO 9002 certification is the umbrella for the entire programme.

To gain FQP accreditation, wool brokers, merchants, scourers and exporters must first gain ISO certification. In addition, exporters must successfully complete a customer satisfaction audit.

It all starts on the farm

A small problem on the farm can easily flow through the supply chain to become a costly problem in manufacturing.

Fernmark Quality Programme for wool growers operate under a quality plan that determines the procedure for managing quality and ensures market requirements are recognised and responded to.

FQP The farm quality plan is the basis of grower accreditation to FQP recognises the key areas in farm management, wool production and wool harvesting that are critical to final wool quality. These include facilities for shearing and wool preparation, freedom from contamination, animal welfare, sheep preparation, wool preparation, staff requirements, and packaging standards.

Sector FQP Accredited
Exporters 7
Brokers sites 25
Merchants 9
Scourers 7
Shearing contractors 35
Mill Direct 1
Dumper 1
Growers 1,400 or 1,500


Merino New Zealand — Merino New Zealand is a joint venture wool marketing company owned by merino farmers and Wrightson Ltd

Wrightson Limited — Wrightson Ltd is a major farm servicing company with a large wool broking operation



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