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Jobs in the wool sector have great payoffs

High income – beat that loan!


If you’re fast and good, you earn good money shearing and wool handling. For example, lots of professional shearers in New Zealand earn $50,000 in a year. Even over a 3 month summer season a keen young shearer can earn over $10,000. That’s certainly going to make a hole in a study loan!


It’s good, shearing. I work hard, like the work, and get good pay. Suits me!



Travel the world – and get paid

Kiwi workers have a great reputation internationally, and shearers and wool handlers from New Zealand are in high demand. Many Kiwi shearers travel to jobs in Australia, Britain, United States, France and Italy on a regular basis. You can see the world and make money. Best of all, you’re earning overseas currency that means a lot in New Zealand dollars.

I reckon I’m on to a good thing. I’ve started work with people I know, near home, but this job’s going to take me around the world.




Gain that competitive edge

Competition shearing has a proud record in this country. The shearers and wool handlers in our national team are some of the best in the world. Competing at all levels is a challenge that pays dividends: you learn focus and discipline – rewards that stay with you.

Associate with the best, set your goals, never give up and you will be a winner – David Fagan, a recognised champion shearer, instructing the next generation.


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