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New Zealand Sheep breeds


The Perendale is New Zealand’s classic hardy hill country forager. A dual meat and wool breed, it will survive well on less palatable feed. It is an “easy-care” breed — easy to muster and presenting few problems at lambing. Lamb growth rates are good, even on hard hill country.

The breed was developed by Massey University professor Sir Geoffrey Peren by interbreeding Cheviot and Romney. Registered in 1960, the Perendale’s popularity extends throughout New Zealand and in Victoria and New South Wales in Australia.

Perendale fleece falls into the finer crossbred range. The wool has exceptional spring, which gives good shape retention to knitted garments and adds extra bulk and stand-up ability to carpet pile. It has high insulation factor in blankets.

Dual-purpose breed with equal emphasis on meant and wool. Long wool, with low lustre and high bulk.

Widespread throughout New Zealand hill country.

Small-to-medium-sized active sheep with prick ears, white face and legs clear of wool. Some wool on the poll. Black nose.

1.9 million

Body weight:
40–50 kg

Wool production:
Fibre diameter: 31–35 microns
Staple length: 100–150 mm
Fleece weight: 3.5–5 kg

Lamb production:
100–120 per cent


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