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New Zealand Sheep breeds

Poll Dorset and Dorset Horn

Poll Dorset

The Dorset Horn is a long-established breed from Southern England. The Poll Dorset was developed from the Dorset Horn in Australia by introducing poll genes from the Ryeland and Corriedale. Poll Dorset sheep were first registered in Australia in 1854 and were introduced to New Zealand in 1959. They have the same characteristics as the Dorset Horn, which they have now almost replaced.

The Poll Dorset is found in widely different climates. The ewe has an extended breeding season, enabling meat supply to specialist out-of-season markets.

Even before scouring the densely-grown wool is remarkably white. Dorset skins have found a fashion market in linings for boots and coats. Hosiery, dress fabrics, flannels and fine tweeds are other products made from Dorset wool.

Dorset Horn

Meat breed used mainly as a terminal crossing sire. Short Down wool, very white and bulky. Early and out-of-season lambs.

Widespread throughout New Zealand.

Large sheep. Pink skin and nose with pale hooves. The polled and horned sheep are similar.


Body weight:
Ewes: 55-60 kg
Rams: 73–80 kg

Wool production:
Fibre diameter 27–32 microns
Staple length 75–100 mm
Fleece weight 2–3 kg

Lamb production:
110–160 per cent


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