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Jobs that pay and give you choices!

Shearers cut the wool from sheep with a handpiece, or in some cases with blade shears. They generally work in teams, or gangs, led by a shearing contractor.

Wool handlers
Wool handlers pick up and sort the wool into different grades. They are also known as shed hands.

Pressers pack the wool into bales ready for freighting; this involves operating a mechanical press.

Classers sort wool into particular classes, based on breed, age, colour, length and micron (diameter).

Buyers are employed by wool merchants and processors. They collect, assess and value wool sold by farmers. There is a wide range of jobs in this area, from country buying to working as a valuer for a wool exporting company.

Why are the jobs there if the money’s so good?

The New Zealand wool industry always needs fresh blood. The pull of overseas work takes some away, and others leave the industry to run their own farms and businesses. It’s a young person’s game: hard work for good money.

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