Tectra - education & training in New Zealand's Wool Industry Tectra - education & training in New Zealand's Wool Industry Tectra - education & training in New Zealand's Wool Industry Tectra - education & training in New Zealand's Wool Industry
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Wool Handling Training

We award wool handling qualifications on different levels:


A good wool handler with the right qualifications, experience and skills, will never be out of a job - and our training, endorsed by the industry, will make sure you make the grade.

Tectra's wool handling training combines off-site short courses with practical on-the-job experience to ensure trainees have a strong grasp of theory as well as good practical knowledge.

The wool handling qualification includes wool handling and wool pressing, with optional strands in grading.

Tectra's wool handling courses start at level two (junior) - courses suitable for people who are new or nearly new to the industry. They build up through levels three and four and are recognised all over the country, in Australia and in other parts of the world.

Each level works towards a national certificate so by time you have completed level four qualifications you have three national certificates. Just as importantly you can now be employed as the lead shed hand, responsible for all wool handlers on the team.

Each level combines a short course with verified on-the-job experience, and each level has a clear goal statement which sets out what you will be able to do on finishing the work for that level. 

Courses cover shed set up, the different wool types and characteristics and working as part of a team in the shed. You will also learn how to handle the wool on the board, the pick up and throw and handling the wool on the table. Another part of the training is how to look after your own health and fitness. Higher level courses (3 & 4) include planning and documentation, communications and grading.

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We run level two, three and four courses that all count towards national qualifications.

Interested and want to know more, or want to enrol in a Tectra course then free phone 0800 496 657 or email training@tectra.co.nz