WoolPro Technology Development & Transfer 






Technology Development & Transfer

The goal of Technology Development & Transfer is to provide information and technology to sheep farmers to promote 3% annual income improvement.

Research & Development

Some 40 R&D projects are facilitated and funded by WoolPro (total of around $2m) with AgResearch, Lincoln University, Massey University, Otago University and Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand.

Many of the projects are co-funded by the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology, Meat New Zealand and other funding agencies.

R&D projects fall into the following programmes –

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Technology Transfer

Transfer activities are coordinated among WoolPro WPO’s and other farm servicing groups including consultants, scientists, veterinarians etc

Farmer networks are an important part of transfer activities and include Monitor Farms (contact – Richard Gavigan) and Sheep Council (contact – Alan Marshall.