Level 2 Blade Shearing

This four day course steps beginner shearers up to the next level, improves their proficiency and helps them work towards the National Certificate in Wool Harvesting.
Trainees who have their own gear for a day's shearing should consider building on their skills with this course.
Our friendly and experienced tutors will have you understanding wool shed operations, from hazards and terminology to the roles and responsibilities of each person. You will know how to prepare the set up, grind and sharpen your blades, learn how to shear a sheep to the correct pattern and what gear is needed for a day's work. You will learn how to set up the wool shed, prepare the wool under supervision and help with pressing and penning up sheep.
By the end of the course you will be consistently shearing an average of 9-17 sheep per hour. After completing some on-the-job practice, and sending us back your work record, you will have all you need to achieve the National Certificate in Wool Harvesting - Blade Shearing Level 2 strand, and will be ready to progress to level three.