Level 2 Wool Handling

Level 2 Wool Handling is a course suitable for people entering the wool harvesting industry with no previous experience or limited wool handling skills. This course focuses on developing good all-round woolshed skills for most wool types and shearing procedures.
You will learn how to set up the woolshed and will become familiar with different types of wool. You will also be taught the importance of timing in the woolshed and being aware of the pattern of shearing and the speed of individual shearers so you can anticipate the next task. You will be taught important wool handling skills of board work, pick up and throw, table work and lines.
Level 2 also places emphasis on teamwork, punctuality, personal health, fitness and safety in the woolshed.
Once you have completed the course and regularly filled out your on-job work record card, signed by your employer, you will have achieved the National Certificate in Wool Handling, level 2, and will be ready to progress to level 3.