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Latest issue - Autumn 2002 (#13)

'FE watch' - For two months, King Country farmers have been on the lookout for signs facial eczema (FE) is approaching

'Unmasking endophyte' - The basics. Imagine being invisible. And so small you are living inside a grass plant

'New louse test ready for action' - A new test, which will give farmers early warning of a louse infestation, is now ready for use

'Disaster-proofing your farm'

'The farm as a herbage factory' - Back-to-front regrassing

'Giving footrot the boot' - New tools in the kit

'New wasp to sting clover root weevil' - Researchers find self-breeding female

'More lifts from lotus'

'Farming sheep in the greenhouse' - What can or should be done about the methane producers grazing on your farm?

'Artificial rearing can pay' - But only if the lamb otherwise would have died

'Getting more mileage from silage' - Protein is the key to quality

'Conservation at home' - Help at hand to protect your land

'Sheep for profit' - Monitoring turns to managing

'Selecting for whiter wool' - The yellow wool challenge

'Measuring shades of green' - Waving wands to boost productivity

'Contactors happy with young shearers' - Apprenticeships scheme attracts a quality workforce


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Summer 1998 (issue #1)


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